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Dark Angelo sold for 240,000 euro in Vechta.

VECHTA – At the 62nd elite auction in Vechta Dark Angelo changed hands for 240,000 euro. There was fanatical bidding on the Donnerschwee x Sion son bred by Werner Martens from Wardenburg. He is moving to Switzerland. In total there was 970,500 euros paid for the riding horses with an average price of 26,958 euros. Florencio son Fackeltanz was the dearest foal at 36,000 euro. Jan Tops surprised people with his purchase, this was the dearest pony of the auction, the Weser-Ems riding pony stallion Charming Boy (by Courage-Hasko) for the price of 47,000 euros. The dressage pony Calypso, produced at Grand Prix level with the horses, went for 19,000 euro.

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